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To pass for your dutch driving license, you first need to pass for your car theory exam. The passing grade of the dutch car theory is surprisingly low. There are many different courses for Dutch students. For the English students there is only one course that has a very high passing rate. This is an online course where you can watch a video course of the Dutch driving license car theory. After you finished watching, you can practice exams and read the summary of all the things you need to know. On the right you can see a free chapter.

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DriveYourWay is specialized in helping expats and all other English students. Quick tip: They have a collab with Theorie Ster and provide the dutch driving license car theory for free. We always suggest to first pass for your Dutch car theory exam. After passing, start with your car theory, you should register. Drive Your Way gives you cash back for your car theory if you ask for it! Check out below if they work in your city!

I have passed for my Dutch driving license car theory exam. What now?

After you have passed for your car theory exam, you need to find out a driving school. We always advise to make sure that you have a good click with your teacher. Also pay attention if your teacher is really teaching you or not. Just driving in circles does not help you to pass for your practical exam. 

Your practical exam will check if you are a responsible driver. Do you really deserve your license? And will you not cause problems on the road? They are very strict and check out every detail.  During the exam, the examinator needs to have the feeling that you are an experienced driver.



Driving license in Holland

dutch driving license car theory

We help expats to pass for their drivers license. If you have questions about your driving license, you can send an e-mail to te following address:

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Is practicing for your Dutch driving license theory exam also not your favorite thing to do? At Theorie Ster, they make practicing a lot more fun and simple. They help you with practicing all the necessary theory questions in order to make you ready for the CBR-exam. How do they do this? Basically, by making you practice the theory in a way that suits you best. At Theorie Ster you can decide whether you just want to practice exams or also need to study from an E-Book.

It is very necessary to practice for the Dutch driving license theory exam because the passing rates are relatively low. In the Netherlands, the passing rate is just below 50% and has been for years. This basically means that you really have to understand the theory in order to pass the Dutch driving license theory exam. Usually, just learning the theory is not sufficient. Through practice exams, you know better what to expect for the actual exam. By applying the learned theory in practice exams, your chances of passing increase significantly. Thus, the Dutch driving license theory exam practice is very much necessary in order to pass.


CBR course without practice exams sounds very illogical, of course. We had the same mindset and therefore chose not to give you only a few practice exams, but instead give you a whole series of practice exams. Each of these CBR theory exams is complete and this means that these exams consist out of 65 questions. This is again divided into three exam components: hazard perception, knowledge, and some insight. After taking a practice exam, you will receive a fully detailed analysis. This indicates what you answered correctly and what you answered incorrectly. The detailed analysis is very helpful since you now know what aspects still need some more attention. After practicing the exams, you are very well prepared for the Dutch driving license theory exam.


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